Home is where the art is!  I’ve always carved out a creative space for myself over the years no matter where I was living.  Lately, Arizona has provided me with an awesome studio space, and on nice days I even let my studio spread outside (and seeing as Phoenix has 296 sunny days a year it’s a pretty good deal and leaves no excuses – unless that excuse is hiking or swimming, or hunkering down inside when it turns ‘Hades temps’ in the Summer).

While the medium I have used most to paint with in the past is oil on canvas, since I’ve had the extra space to spread my wings I’ve branched out into resin-coated collage paintings, as well as other mixed media artwork (and even the occasional cowskull… hey, when in Rome!).  I still continue to paint with oils, they are just designated to a specific area – an area which as won me titles as the messiest artist ever.  I console myself that there are other messy artists that have made it big, so maybe it’s a good thing (see Francis Bacons’ studio I tell my friends!).  My chihuahua buddy, Frida, knows to stay clear of the oil painting room, and prefers to sunbathe when I paint outside.

Back inside at my computer and sometimes-acrylic-painting-station I like to surround myself with artwork by others I’ve purchased (artists buy art too!): paintings that range from whimsical to abstract and my little shelf of ceramic figurines that keeps growing.  Somehow moving those little 3d ceramics around and being enveloped by the creativity of others helps me think about my own projects I’m working on…

artist cred. for Sarah Silverman painting: Laura Baran / plush deer head: PocketswithPosies / ceramic figurines: Andrea Kashanipour