photo cred: Scott Irvine WAXenVINE

Born in Florida, raised in Baltimore, Maryland and Wilmington, North Carolina, Andrea attended East Carolina University studying Communication Arts with a B.A. in illustration.  She continued to study fine art painting, largely self-taught. Her paintings have been featured in exhibitions throughout the U.S. and in London, UK.  Andrea currently resides in Scottsdale, AZ where she continues to be inspired by the natural beauty of Arizona along with her painting pal Frida, a rescue Chihuahua.

“Patterns, figures and animals are frequently the focal point within my paintings.  My work constantly evolves within a broad spectrum, with consistent themes revolving around dreams, mythology and at times alluding to stories I grew up with.  Arizona and the exotic stillness of the desert has been a great inspiration to me since I moved here several years ago.  The five years prior to my trek out west were spent working and showing art in New York City which will always be a part of my journey as an artist. Out west, the big skies and sunsets began infusing my palette with brighter colors, and the nature that surrounds me also began to find its way onto my canvases.”

Represented by Wilde Meyer Gallery in Scottsdale and Tucson, AZ.

Selected Press:

American Art Collector, January 2018
AZ Foothills Magazine, April 2017
Phoenix Magazine, December 2013
American Art Collector, April 2013
Perlow-Stevens Summer Show, 2012
Desert Leaf (Tucson publication), 2009